Strategic Planning

Strategic planning keeps the leaders on the same page. These sessions keep the vision and the mission in front of the leadership team and reminds them that the church is a growing and changing institution. If you don’t know where you’re going you won’t know how to get there and if the senior leader’s plan is not clearly communicated to the staff, dysfunction and fear fills the void. Strategic planning is necessary, fun, and allows all parties to bring their knowledge, experience and creativity to the table. In this session, our team will assist the key leader in clarifying their vision and goal, then implement strategic action steps to move forward with team cohesiveness.


If you want to grow you have to constantly restructure. And as your church culture changes, various roles on your leadership team will need to change. Restructuring doesn’t have to be difficult if it’s done in a biblically appropriate manner. Our team will evaluate your goals and objectives, then help you address your biggest concerns and develop a plan to make the changes you need to create momentum for growth.

Biblical Financial Stewardship

Over 2,000 verses talk about money but a majority of people have very little knowledge of biblical stewardship or understand why they should give to their local church. This workshop is designed to educate your people on basic financial principles so they can improve their personal finances and educate them on the importance of giving to their local church. We believe that teaching sound biblical stewardship will transform lives and enrich your church.

Creative Financing

We work with nonprofits to find the best financing/refinancing available. We partner with owners and CEOs of lending institutions that desire to be a blessing to you and your organization by offering you lower interest rates so you have more financial resources to have a greater Kingdom impact.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefit regulations are constantly changing, which often means higher rates, which impact your bottom line, and less benefits, which impacts staff morale. Our team is keeping track of these changes and in many cases we can find better quality benefits for less so you can continue to receive quality care while saving money for other ministry purposes.

Living Trust Workshops

Our experts provide an easy way to prepare top quality estate planning documents. Whether creating or updating your estate plan, gain peace of mind knowing you are protecting your family, while at the same time meeting your stewardship objectives, reducing taxes, and avoiding probate. Available plans include Will and Testament, Revocable Living Trust, Power of Attorney for Property, Advance Medical Directive and more.

Building Campaigns

You sense God is calling you to expand your organization. Is it the right time? And will it be done in the right way? Discussing financial matters with your leaders and others is a sensitive matter and can be stressful. Consult with one of our leaders to develop the right plan of action for you. Our program will assist your efforts and offer valuable guidance through our proven experience.