City Gate Ministries Counseling is a full-service, faith-based, counseling center.  All of our counselors are professionally trained clinicians who have completed a master’s level degree in counseling psychology. We utilize proven therapeutic techniques to promote changes that bring healing and freedom from psychological, emotional, spiritual, and interpersonal distress. Our services include:

  • Individual Counseling: One-on-one sessions with the therapist and individual when the goals of therapy are best addressed individually and/or others related to the issue are unavailable or unwilling to be involved.
  • Child and Adolescent Counseling:Treatment is tailored to children and adolescents to include a wide variety of treatment methods, including play therapy, art therapy, music therapy, etc.
  • Couples and Marital Therapy:Therapy with two people to resolve issues in their relationship, conflict-resolution, and communication skills, etc.
  • Family Therapy: Involves the entire nuclear family, members of intergenerational families (grandparent, parent, child), or selected members of families (parent-child) who are impacted by a problem and working together toward resolution.
  • Process Groups: Therapy involves one or more therapists that treat a small group of clients who are unrelated and share common problems and goals. Provides an opportunity to develop social skills, gain immediate feedback about issues, and work in a supportive environment.


Q: What is Counseling and How Does it Work?

Counseling is an intervention used by trained professionals to help clients work through a myriad of problems. This usually includes increasing an individual’s sense of well-being. Professional counseling may be performed by practitioners with different qualifications, including psychologists, marriage and family therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists. Therapy can be provided in a variety of formats, including individual, group, couples and family. 

Q: How Much Does Therapy Cost?

Fees vary between clinicians and are subject to change each year. The counselors at CityGate work on a “sliding scale” with clients. There are several factors that come into play when deciding the cost of therapy. Typically, licensed therapists charge more than unlicensed therapists. Additionally, the client’s ability to pay is considered when deciding the client’s out-of-pocket costs.

Q: How Many Sessions Should Therapy Require?

The length of treatment can vary based on several factors, including personality characteristics of the individual seeking help, longevity and type of presenting problem, types of goals established, the therapist’s theoretical orientation and style, effectiveness of the therapist, and frequency of sessions. We suggest that clients commit to a minimum of 6-sessions, at which time, they will evaluate with their therapist the advisability of termination or continued therapy. 

Q: How Long do Sessions Last?

A typical counseling session lasts 30-50 minutes. Sometimes clients come to sessions several times a week. Most clients meet with their therapist once per week. Sessions can also be scheduled once or twice a month, depending on how you and your therapist make arrangements during the treatment planning phase. 

Q: Will Anyone Other Than My Therapist Know What I Talk About?

Everything you share will be kept confidential, with only a couple of notable exceptions. If your therapist is not licensed s/he will be seeking supervision as required by state law. State law also requires therapists to break confidentiality if they suspect that there has been child or elder abuse, or if they believe you are in danger of committing suicide or homicide.

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