3 Questions to Ask Before Making Your Resolutions

It’s easy to make plans, isn’t it? So easy in fact that it’s totally possible to make plans by accident. It happens all the time. It’s also easy to make promises, commitments, and rash decisions.

But when they are easy to make, all of these things lack one key ingredient: follow-through. It brings to mind every new year’s resolution I’ve ever made. I bet you could easily name resolutions you’ve made and quickly forgotten about—within a few months… weeks… even days!

So how can we ensure we aren’t resolving in vain? Try choosing resolutions that come from a deep place, that are a reflection of what you truly desire, and it will be easier to keep them in the crosshairs. Here are three things you can ask yourself as you’re looking at your goals for 2018:

  1. Where am I today versus where I’d like to be?
    Being honest with ourselves about our starting point will help our goals start to form themselves.
  2. In what ways do I want to grow?
    This can start off very abstract—that’s good! It helps us choose areas of focus, and let us instinctively identify what we really want. From there we can break down specific goals. Say, for example, your answer to this is something like, “I want to be more of a leader.” You can then begin to figure out what can realistically be done to accomplish that, and actually make the plans.
  3. How will I know when I’ve been successful?
    This is where we set the measurable objectives and decide what it will look like to have met them. Without this, the abstract step never really comes into focus, and resolutions are easily abandoned due to never having taken root.

Take the time this weekend to reflect, goal-set, and even dream. Pray for wisdom, and then set your mind to what needs to be done.

What is one resolution you can make and keep this year? Who will you tell about it? When will you start?

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Happy New Year!

Marc Kitsko and the City Gate Team