CityGate Seminar Guide

Time Management

Planning, prioritizing and organizing your time are essential skills for success at work and at home. You will learn strategies and tips for organizing and managing that will make a critical difference in the quality of your work and life.

Health & Wellness

This seminar provides tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by reducing stress, better managing responsibilities, and getting proper nutrition and exercise. Among the topics discussed are: the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, recognizing and reducing stress, and the power of positive thinking.

Stress Management

Learn the latest skills for effective managing high levels of stress and preventing burnout. You will leave this seminar with the most current interventions for handling stress, including: rational-emotive therapy, mindfulness communication, progressive relaxation and meditation techniques.

Conflict Resolution

This seminar offers general information about the sources and symptoms of conflict and help participants identify their own conflict management style. You will leave with practical communication tips to improve your connection with others and techniques for resolving conflicts.

Multigenerational Workforce

This presentation educates leaders about the essential elements of effective leadership of the various groups that make up todays workforce. Included is a review of the four generations, how they respond to workplace situations, and suggestions for leaders in managing the different groups.

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